About Me - Mary Bel Photography
I am a fine art photographer who finds beauty in darkness. I produce composites and craft bold, emotional, gripping, edgy and dark art images. I create self portraits that look painterly to depict various stories of emotions and concepts of self expression, layered with personal growth. I have a vivid imagination that has evolved by being an observer of my environment. I create images of what I wish or see happening, and manipulate it into my own world through my work as a photographer and story teller.

I have great admiration for art and expression. In my downtime, you can find me editing, riding my bicycle long distances, or sitting under a tree with a good book, yes...even in the Florida heat!

Mary Bel Photography is Licensed and Insured.

All art is available for purchase.

Curriculum Vitae:

Nude Nite Orlando: February '18

Unhinged: Orlando Museum of Art, February '18

Nude Nite Miami: November '17

Sensory Overload: City Arts Factory, July '17

Exposed: A Body of Art: Krewe Nouveau DeLand March '17

Revolution: Nude Nite  Orlando February '17

Raw Natural Born Artist "Verge"  Orlando Sept 2016

Above It All
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