Captured in Camera

How I got the Shot

Client commissioned me for a colorful bold portrait for his milestone birthday. I thought color blocking in 2 simple colors would be impactful and memorable. I choose red because of its it signifies strength and power. I thought a blue tone on the client would really compliment the red color, because they are opposing colors that work well together.  

Lighting and Backdrop:

For the background, I used a Red backdrop from Savage Universal. I used two v-flats from V-Flat World to bound the light onto the backdrop.

I aimed the light from 2 speedlights towards the v-flats, so the light bounced off them. In turn this created a big light source, and it provided even coverage of light on the red backdrop.My client was lit with a speedlight, covered in a blue gel.

The speedlight was shot through a 2x2 softbox with a grid. This way, the light was focused on the client, and the blue would not hit the backdrop.

Lighting and Backdrop Setup

Final Resuts

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